GPS Drone K20

Drone K20 GPS

This new 2020 5G Drone K20 is top of the line. It is equipped with 4K High-Definition Camera and GPS, WiFi, FPV, automatically returns to follow, 25-minute super long-life battery, a professional version of a four-axis drone. The epitome of Drone Fun! For young and old!

Customized For Outdoors

This drone uses GPS satellite return technology which allows the drone to go anywhere, anytime.


  • Automatically launches the GPS system
  • No need for traffic and Wifi
  • Achieves over 2627 ft photo transmission
  • Remote control distance of over 5900 ft
  • Quasi-determined Bit
  • Sea hover dual GPS system – easy to use
  • GPS/Optical flow positioning
  • Long battery life/modular battery 11.1V 1800mAh
  • Innovative body design
  • More stable and faster – flight time 25mins/flight speed 16 meter/secoond

GPS Positioning

  • color solutions are better
  • camera has a large bottom which gives a more refined picture
  • 5G image transmission is clearer and better

4K HD Camera

  • 4K HD lens
  • rich lens language
  • self-contained filter
  • great effects
  • add background music or multiple videoo effects


  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft Battery
  • Battery Charging Port
  • Battery Charging Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Control Charging Cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Spare Leaf x4
  • Instruction Manual
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