What Is A Drone?

what is a drone

Drones, drones, everywhere!

what is a drone

I know what’s on your mind – you have no idea what is a drone…or better still, you kind of know what it is but you are not quite sure. Well, take a seat, we are going to be discovering the drone world and at the end of this article, it will no longer be a secret for you.


According to Wikipedia, a drone can be classified as ‘an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)’ or ‘an aircraft without a human pilot aboard’. [1]

A drone usually has components which include a ground-based controller, and a software system to communicate between the two. The communication can be remotely controlled by a human being or by a computer. So, in layman’s terms, it is a machine or airborne system which can be remotely controlled and which does not have a human pilot commanding it.

What do you use a drone for?

There are various uses for drones. When drones were first introduced to our world, they were originally used for military missions considered boring or dangerous for humans. Today, drones are being used for commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural, policing, peacekeeping, surveillance, product deliveries, aerial photography, smuggling, and drone racing.  It has been statistically derived that the use of drones by ordinary people far outnumbers the use by the military.  From simple being used as child’s toy to more involved uses. I will outline a few possibilities below to get us started.

It has been statistically derived that the use of drones by ordinary people far outnumbers the use by the military.  From simply being used as child’s toy to more involved uses. I will outline a few possibilities below to get us started.

There are drones for:

  • Recreational moments – I am sure you have seen children with their little remote drones playing in the park while their parents watch amused. And of course, there are adults with their drone toys as well.
  • Media – there are a lot of times where the media use drones to ‘discover’ information about people for their journalistic records. We will not talk about the legality of how this information is procured, however, we should not be naive as to how this information can be gotten.
  • Agriculture – drones are being used to spray fertilizers over crops by farmers more effectively.
  • Security – there are companies which are enlisting the services of drones as a means of surveillance. This means more coverage for a wider area or perimeter, especially in the case of movie stars and government officials.
  • Military – this is a more familiar territory for drones, after all, their usefulness originated in this field. I don’t want to outrightly call it spying, though there are/were times when this was the specific duty of the drones used, however, there are other military applications using drones as a source.
  • Commercial and Product Deliveries- in this field, we see drones being used for product/cargo delivery, as well as general logistics. Especially helpful in delivering medical supplies to hard-to reach areas.
  • Scientific – like most scientists, they need confirmation in order to establish facts, and drones help them to do this very efficiently. Drones can travel in the ‘eye of the storm’ so to speak to get valuable pressure details, wind speed, and other geometric information that scientists need to validate their hypotheses.
  • Photography – ah, the world of pictures. As the cliche goes, a picture tells a thousand words. Using drones, the photographer’s lens can go way beyond his dreams and bounds and help him to deliver breath-taking pictures to showcase his talent, innovation, and diversity.

Where Can You Buy A Drone?

There are numerous places to purchase drones. You can purchase a variety of drones right here on this site by going to the Shop tab, other online stores, and physical stores as well.

If you don’t find the drone you would like to have, please send me an email and I will make every effort to help you find the one you seek.

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the drone world.


[1] Wikipedia

What Is A Drone?

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